Pour le Prince de mon Coeur

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Pour le Prince de mon Coeur

Post by Erin-Elizabeth on Wed Aug 20, 2014 6:08 am

As promised, this is the short story that I wrote when I was about.. eighteen or nineteen.
Its origin was a dream I had, that I felt drawn to put into words.
I won't be offended if it gets taken down.

She leaned against the door frame to the computer room, knocking gently on the wall. It wasn't really a necessary gesture, he would have heard her coming from across the vast house, but she figured she would give him the choice of talking or asking her to leave him to his thoughts.

To her great relief, he turned his angelic face in her direction, setting the computer keyboard aside. He gave her a flash of a smile and held out a welcoming hand, which she happily came forward to place hers in. She spared a brief glance for the computer screen then looked to him imploringly.

"More hate mail?" she asked softly. "Or more star-struck hopefuls?" He laughed quietly then let out a sigh.

"The latter, actually," he said with the barest hint of disgust. He was used to it but she knew it still annoyed him. "He claims that he has been leaving his doors and windows unlocked for me. As if I would need the aid, were I so inclined to take him up on his rude offer."

She couldn't help but laugh at that. Night after night the requests came from die-hard fans and proof seekers. 'Make me believe,' they begged. 'Make me like you!' And yet she, whom he so graciously rescued from a troubled home, she who now spent countless nights by his side, had never and would never ask it of him. She loved him dearly and, should he ever ask her to, she would surely consider it but she was content with things the way they were. Not to mention how rude it would be to demand or even ask such an intimate thing of him. No, she would never do that to her darkling angel.

"I am tempted," he said cynically. Her brows shot up.

"What was that?" she asked uncertainly. He grinned like the wicked little devil he was.

"I am tempted to give them a taste of it; to strike a bit of fear into the fools," he said so softly that it almost sounded seductive. Then again, he always sounded seductive; especially with the faint trace of an accent from long ago flavouring his beautifully deep voice.

She knew that he would not read her without permission but she still banished the thoughts from her mind before the blush that was creeping up on her became worse. Her eyes twinkled in amusement though.

"And give them something to brag about?" she teased. He rolled his violet eyes then.

"Wouldn't that be just dandy?" he drawled sarcastically. Then he gave a mock pout, which he knew would make her giggle. "Did you have to dash my one amusing idea, my dear?" he asked, voice dripping with feigned sorrow. Once he'd gotten those giggles out of her, he gently squeezed her tiny hand and sighed. "Will they ever learn?" he muttered, frowning slightly. He closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair.

She slid her hand from his then sat down on his lap and began massaging his temples. "I'm afraid not, my love," she said apologetically. Before, she had been too afraid of pushing formal boundaries to just crawl into his lap like that. She had always, to his great amusement, asked permission. Now she was more at ease. A flicker of a smile tilted the corners of his enticingly full mouth and a hand rose to caress her soft curls.

"What would I do without you, ma chere?" he whispered.

"Whatever you damn well pleased." She retorted amiably. To her delight, he laughed.

"Too true," he replied.

A random idea struck her and she hopped off his lap and began tugging at his hand gently. "Come on," she said softly. "I've got a treat for you. Just the thing to cheer you up." He opened his eyes to gaze at her curiously, but asked no questions as he signed out and logged off of his computer. Quietly, he let her guide him to the nearest bedroom, the one she'd been occupying of late.

"Okay," she said as they drew near the bed. She let go of his hand and headed for the attached bathroom. "Strip and lay under the covers on your stomach."

"Excuse me?" came a somewhat startled, somewhat amused inquiry. She popped her head through the doorway and rolled her eyes at him then laughed a musical little laugh.

"Oh I am not planning on seducing you, for heaven's sake. Go on, I won't peek. I promise, I'll stay in here until you're safely covered."

She knew he'd be able to read her sincerity so she didn't have to worry about trying to convince him of her good intentions. She busied herself looking for the bottle of vanilla scented body lotion he'd given her as a gift. When she received the all-clear, she took a deep breath and silently entered the room.

There he was, lying in her bed, grinning that devilishly handsome grin that he well knew would melt her completely. She knew that he had no intimate interest in her, which didn't bother her in the slightest, but he seemed to find great amusement in knowing that that look always undid her. "You shameless devil!" she chastised playfully through her crimson-faced laughter.

"Of course," he said softly. "But it was you, not I, that coerced a man into your bed." He let her throw a stuffed animal at him and laughed heartily as he set the huggable missile aside. "You know I am teasing you."

She nodded, sitting on the edge of the bed. "Why do you think it was a stuffed toy and not something heavier?" she teased. She enjoyed this game. But now was not the time for teasing back and forth.

"Arms out to the sides please," she instructed. He did so silently. "Tonight, my love, you will endure a massage." She heard his amused chuckle and resisted the urge to reach over and tickle him. "Immortal or not, it is just what you need right now. It'll be soothing."

She hesitated then, knowing full well that she'd have to sit on his thighs for this to work. The bed was much too large for her to just walk around it as you would a massage table. The point was to relax, not have him scoot over every minute or so. She leaned over to lay a hand on his porcelain shoulder. "If I want to do this correctly…I'll need to sit on you."

He nodded complacently. "I understand." was all he said. Carefully, she climbed the rest of the way onto the bed and sat herself where she could best reach. "I hope you don't mind smelling like vanilla," she said.

"Not at all," he replied matter-of-factly. "For then I shall carry your scent with me to sleep when you have finished."

"Tease." She mumbled with a smile.

"Always," he said. "I am no angel after all."

She poured a decent amount of lotion into her palm then worked it between her hands to warm it. Once she was satisfied, she spread it over his strong, silky back and began working the muscles gently but thoroughly.

"I didn't think you had ever had a massage," she said in a gentle tone. "So I thought this would be a treat for you. Do you even feel it?" He nodded.

"Oui, ma chere." He replied. "And it is a treat most appreciated." She smiled a giddy smile and continued in silence for a few minutes, making sure she got his neck, arms, shoulders, and sides. When she returned to his lower back, working her way upward and then back down, she began to hum softly.

He glanced at her over his shoulder.

"Sing for me, sweet." He requested gently. "I would be so happy then." She blushed brightly but nodded. He laid his head back down. Her hands continued in their task as she began to sing to him a well known Celtic song.

"May it be an evening star shines down upon you. May it be, as darkness falls, your heart will be true. You walk a lonely road; oh how far you are from home…"

She continued to sing though her hands had ceased their kneading and now simply stroked his back in lazy circles, like a mother soothing her child. Of course he was no child, but it didn't matter.

When her song had ended, she slid off of him and sat at his side. He was smiling at her tenderly.

"Merci." he whispered.

"Du rien." she replied with a shake of her head. He took one of her hands in his and brought it to his lips.

"And now, ma chere, you ought to sleep." He pulled her hand closer so that he could rest his cheek upon it. "As should I. It is nearly dawn."

She nodded and crawled from the bed, her hand sliding from his grasp. "Let me know when you've finished dressing." She said as she went to put the lotion away. She did not have to wait long. He glided into the bathroom, scooped her up into his arms, and carried her to the large bed where he proceeded to tuck her in. He even placed a tender kiss on her forehead.

"Sleep well, ma petite," he whispered. "And pleasant dreams."

The lights went out and she blew him a kiss, which he pretended to catch from the air and place upon his cheek.

"Sweet dreams, my darkling prince." she whispered back. He bowed and her eyes fluttered shut as the door closed. She had finally found her home.

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Re: Pour le Prince de mon Coeur

Post by Lestat on Thu Aug 21, 2014 12:53 pm


This is just the kind of content we welcome here, Erin.

Thank you for sharing.


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Re: Pour le Prince de mon Coeur

Post by Erin-Elizabeth on Thu Aug 21, 2014 2:34 pm

I'm glad that you approve. Smile I was rather nervous. After all, it was written six or seven years ago. I was incredibly naive, at the time.


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Re: Pour le Prince de mon Coeur

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