How? (a recent email)

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How? (a recent email)

Post by Lestat on Thu Dec 11, 2014 3:09 pm

Lestat, how do you keep from being discovered again? I mean, you are so popular. Don't you get annoying little goths coming up to you all the time, asking you to suck on them, asking to make them immortal, saying "I -know- who you are!" How do you hide yourself from them? How can you just live your life without being bombarded by hundreds of fans, of believers, of psychos? How the hell can you live with yourself?

Good question, mon ami.
It is true, I do get people, usually young people of the Gothic persuasion, I suppose you could say, claiming to know who I am, spouting questions and demands and professing their undying love for me...
Its not annoying, its not tedious. if anything it is amusing.
I never lead them on. at first i would play with them but after a time i felt guilty and realized I had no right to toy with their fragile emotions.
I'm sure there are hundreds of young men all over the globe who resemble myself and get similar reactions.

The truth is I am noticed, but not hounded. Its no danger to me, or to anyone, really.
sometimes I humor them with an autograph. why not? if they believe, why not? no reason. usually, though, I simply chuckle and reply...
"I get that a lot. I'm flattered... but I'm not the one you're searching for. sorry to disappoint."

I've been getting inquiries lately in my mail. a sort of fan mail if you will, a Q&A.
I suppose that shall be the main purpose of this journal for awhile till something happens that I feel compelled to write about.

You may accuse me of being boring, of slacking off.
'but you had endless tales and adventures to tell of in the chronicles!' so read those! again and again, they're not going anywhere. neither am I,  not at the moment.
Those tales took place over long stretches of time, how much can you expect to happen to me in a year? or two?

I like to wait till I have something more solid, something that has built up, a collective residue of months, of years, of decades before I tell stories.
Like good wine, the older the better.

Just remember to let it breathe for awhile before you enjoy it...


[EVERY NOW AND THEN, I demand to be treated like the supernatural hero that I am.]

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