A tribute to all writers.

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A tribute to all writers.

Post by Lestat on Wed Jan 07, 2015 5:12 am

Dreams of Forever...

...Behold my words for they are my heart...
...Behold my poetry for it speaks my soul...

And so I shall live
far beyond my time,
far beyond the
superficial fads
that die a meaningless death
in endless repetition
of relentless themes,
to the flock's Juvenal
and engaged by
the age's mutton
robed as lamb.

I am a creator.
I am a writer.
I am a poet,
behold my words
for they define me
in their truth...

Cherish them,
for within their voice
you will find me
and share of me,
that we may hold
union as minds touch
in transcendence of time.

For as you read
from my thoughts
and memes,
scribed in
fading yesterdays,
so my words
will be fresh
to your dreams
of today,
new tomorrows,
slowly bridging
the expanse
of forever,
turning the pages
of eternity,
that bring me life
once more...

You bestow me
for as you read me,
you will find me,
hold me,
and touch
upon my soul.

Remember me
and I shall live
on in you,
a notion, an idea,
an inspiration,
a legacy of perpetuity
as I commune
my thoughts
from ages passed
to you this day.

My legacy to you of my tomorrows
is your gift to me today
and for this...

...I humbly thank you...


[EVERY NOW AND THEN, I demand to be treated like the supernatural hero that I am.]

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Re: A tribute to all writers.

Post by Erin-Elizabeth on Wed Jan 07, 2015 5:23 am

Beautiful, Lestat... simply beautiful and breathtaking.


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Re: A tribute to all writers.

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 07, 2015 5:28 am

Magnifique! Absolutely wonderful.


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Re: A tribute to all writers.

Post by MissBijou on Wed Jan 07, 2015 5:49 am

Oh. Funny how true it is that our words can outlive us (most of us, anyway) and through them we continue on. A fantastic poem.

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Re: A tribute to all writers.

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