uneventful day... I`m rambling!

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uneventful day... I`m rambling!

Post by Lestat on Tue Jan 13, 2015 3:48 am

I was going to post this on Thursday 18 Dec 2014 - 10:21 (I don`t know why I didn`t)

Yes, I was up early. When I refer to the day being uneventful, of course I mean last night. How could I possibly call today uneventful when "today" (6:30 pm-6:30 am, usually, give or take a few hours depending on my disposition) hasn't even begun yet? I just couldn't sleep so I'm doing this now.
My shade broke, last night, sometime. I know its very old, so it must have just fallen from the frame, but I woke up at around two with the sun shining on my face. Ouch. Confounded shade. Why aren't you dead? The sun burned you! you ignorant ones may ask. (Well, I do have somewhat of an UN-even tan, damn it all, but its nothing that a bit of powder can't fix.) The learned ones will tell you that I am the Vampire Lestat, and cannot be destroyed by the light of the sun. I have the blood of the Mother still coursing through my veins from all those years before, and Marius' blood, another Child of the Millennia. Therefore I am virtually indestructible. It often brings me to wonder if there is anything capable of actually destroying me completely and utterly. Steamroller? Some sort of meat grinder? Hmm...I don't even want to think about that... Can you imagine having to live through something like that??? For one it would be disgusting, and for another awfully painful.

(Awfully~painful? but of course. pain is always awful, you redundant fool. mais non, it is not. pain can be wonderful. I appreciate those of you who know this. je t'aime.)

But anyway I have strayed from the subject (which is...?) oh yes. Last night. I killed ~no~ one. I deeply wanted to, but... Well for one I was sidetracked. I passed a television shop. I'd not seen televisions displayed in a storefront window for quite some time...since the eighties, I believe.
Louis was on the news. Well, not actually ~on~ the news, I mean, the story wasn't about him, but he was in the background, and they tried to interview him but he said simply, "I've nothing to contribute," flashed is gorgeous emerald eyes and turned and walked away. Just like him, never wanting to be the centre of attention, never wanting to cause a disturbance, my Merciful Death, gentle Louis, the opposite of myself... I've not seen him for days. Isn't it amusing that vampires rarely if ever exchange phone numbers with one another? Perhaps it is because telephones are so primitive, though useful at times, yes I will admit, but our telepathic powers can find individuals far more sufficiently than a phone directory can. Well, most of the time, anyway. As Louis is my fledgling, if I wanted to find him I would have to scan the minds of others around him. Complicated? No, not really, not if you're used to this, which I am. I've had years of practice and the incident with the body thief really honed this skill.
I know however that Louis is not in town. Where could he be? This is his home and he rarely leaves it. He's not so much of a traveler as I am, and he is comfortable in England, he knows his way around perfectly as he has lived here for the majority of his immortal as well as his mortal life. I wonder where he is....

No matter, I apologize for straying, this old mind of mine has a tendency to wander and I've not the heart to put it on a leash. To restrain it would only make it want more freedom, as it is with all things.
Another reason I did not kill was because I was surrounded by innocence. I swear it, I've never been amongst such clean-cut, wholesome mortals in a group before. There's usually a black sheep somewhere that I can pick out, but no. All fairly good people. Now, realize that I have fed since my awakening, I'm not totally starved, but it is fresh human blood that I crave and intend to acquire, tonight, no matter what. I got off to a late start, yesterday and did not have so much time to hunt as usual. Shame on me, by the time I swore to kill just anyone as soon as I was alone, the sun was already coming up, and there was no one around for me to quick grab and suck dry. So I made my way back home, the blood-lust in me pulling at my veins which were screaming "Feed me! Satisfy me!" just like your stomach might if you've gone without eating for a time. Its somewhat annoying but I can put up with it.

Well, now I am already awake. I really have not been myself lately in that my morality is somewhat distorted from time to time. For example, I was ready to pull down this innocent little school girl, right there in the cafe but then the little angel on my shoulder overpowered the demon in my brain and said, "Lestat, you are surrounded by people, this girl is a spotless lamb. Her hands are clean! She is not a worthy sacrifice for you." So then I realized what I was about to do, and I started started shivering quite violently... (I wasn't cold or afraid... have you ever seen/read a Clockwork Orange? Well, I was sort of acting as Alex did whenever he realized that he was about to do wrong.) Just sort of shaking...not exactly going into convulsions or gagging or anything, but it was noticeable to other people around me, and they began to stare. heh. So I took my seat in the corner and just watched them, wanted them, resisted them for their innocence. Its not that I was hungry, you see. I really don't ever need blood again, I suppose...but that's not the point. The point, dear and most patient reader, is that I WANTED IT! and my conscience told me that I couldn't have it. So I pouted, brat that I am, and eventually slunked on home... Only to be burnt by the sun upon awakening this after >_< heh that's an odd little way to show your frustration, don't you think? <'}}< et voila! C'est un poisson!

::laughs:: Malnourishment sometimes goes to my head...je m'exuse.

This was a note, to myself...
I still have to link this to my site, don't I...? I'll get around to it, eventually. No rush. I have forever, after all.


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Re: uneventful day... I`m rambling!

Post by Yume on Tue Feb 03, 2015 7:14 pm

And what about a "little drink"?... It's may be not enough, but you can nourrish yourself like this even from innocents without any harm for them...) *just pick up several ones on the streets))*

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