The Ripper Meets The Vampire (story)

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The Ripper Meets The Vampire (story)

Post by Lestat on Fri Jan 30, 2015 3:04 am

It was the year 1888, November 9th.

When A brutal murder the world will ever come to witness took place. The latest murdered victim, Mary Jane Kelly
was mutilated to a grotesque unrecognizable level by a very much feared serial killer called, Jack The Ripper. Terror gripped all through the city streets of London.
But it was after Mary Jane Kelly's death that the brutal murders stopped all of a sudden.
The authorities and many people of London wondered whatever happened to this Jack The Ripper? No one has ever heard of him ever since that dreadful night.

And here is that story.

It was November 15th, 6 nights after the brutal murder of Mary Jane Kelly. It was a damp misty evening in the streets of London. Few people roamed about still in fear of Jack The Ripper. The police were also in fear as they did security checks in pairs, it was still a shortage of police officers however. In fact after the death of Mary Jane Kelly, 8 officers quit their jobs. They spoke of jack the ripper as if he were the devil himself and hoped never to face him. And even though the people were terrified, London still had to make a living. Pubs, Gamblers, even prostitutes all still needed to make money somehow.                          
A harlot stood at a corner next to an empty alley advertising herself for sex. A lot of the men walked by having no interest. Laughter and drunkenness was heard in the background. It was just another night for prostituting for the woman.

   A large stocky build man with a black top hat and dark overcoat walked slowly approaching her from across the street. The harlot took notice right away of the man. "Hello, looking to have a good time sir?" she said to the oncoming figure in her thick cockney accent.
 "Yessss!" the man said in a deep raspy voice.
"Its going to cost you a few pences" she said. The bulky man approached quickly unsheathing a sharp curved blade to her neck. A blade which looked to specialize in gutting animals or that of a tool used in surgery.
 "Scream **** and I will gut you right here! Do you understand me?!!
   "Yes!" cried the prostitute gulping in terror. He asked her, "Do you know who I am?"
She nodded, He was stern, "then say it!"
She said in a frightened voice, "y,you are Jack the Ripper. she whispered. Jack smiled with satisfaction pleased to hear his famed name be spoken.

He guided her into a darker alley, away from the locals and as he was walking her to it from behind, He heard footsteps. He quickly stepped into the shadows hiding his presence, promising her that if she made a sound he would kill her right there.
Jack waited in the shadows, and the footsteps became louder echoes filling the dark alleys. He looked and saw no one, he was puzzled.
All of a sudden a thick fog rolled into the alley and in it was a dark male figure emerging from the mist almost as if he were gliding. Jack squinted his eyes making sure he wasn't seeing things. The male figure stepped out of the fog approaching jack This time his footsteps connected to the ground
 "Hello"  the pale stranger said from afar. Jack came out from hiding in the shadows knowing his cover was blown.
He said loudly to the man, "If you want no trouble, then keep walking stranger!"

 "Oh please dear sir, please don't let him kill me!" The prostitute pleaded.
Jack shouts "Shut your mouth you filthy ****!" as he slaps her, knocking her unconscious to the floor.
   The ripper yelled, "Who the hell are you and what do you want?!!"
   The stranger replied, Who am I, indeed? Hahahaha,
   The stranger chuckled. "Its not who I am that you should be concerned with, It`s what I am!"
Jack's brow lifted in puzzlement.
   "And I want what you want." The stranger said.
Jack looked quickly to the prostitute on the ground, then looked back at the stranger.
   "This bitch is mine!" He picked up a large stone that was on the ground and threw it directly at the stranger. "Now get!" he shouted.
The mysterious man stood there not flinching one bit and the stone seemed to have gone right through him as if he were the mist himself.  
The stranger laughed...
   "I never had someone throw a stone at me before, that is quite amusing!

Jack approached the stranger quickly and like a master skillful with such a weapon slashed the strangers neck deeply. His neck oozed blood, but slowly, as if coagulated. The deep gash healed quickly and Jack was astonished at what he saw.                                                                                            

   "What the hell are you?!!" the ripper gasped. The Stranger smiled, "Now, That is more like it!"
he grabbed and squeezed the rippers wrist snapping the bones within, and the ripper let out a painful yell as he fell to his knees cradling his broken wrist.
   "Arghhhhggg!!!, w-w-What the hell are you?!!" The ripper shouted.
The stranger looked down at him as a slight smile tugged at his lips,
   "I am a vampire!"  he said boldly.
   "You prey amongst innocent women like a coward in the night! I grew tired reading about your senseless killing spree all over the London news!"

     The ripper shouts back,
   "What is it to you, they are nothing but ****s! If you are a vampire as you say, then surely you know you must kill to exist in this world!"
   The vampire scolded "I am a hunter, and you, you're nothing but a spineless predator! Unlike you, I have a purpose!" And with a sudden powerful strike, the vampire knocks him out.    

               --Fade to black--

                          An hour later, the sound of digging wakes the ripper up as he notices he is deep within a grave at an empty cemetery being buried by the vampire above him. Jack was aware he was being buried alive and tried to react but all of his limbs were broken by the vampire.
He could do nothing but watch and scream in agony feeling the weight of the dirt all around him.
     Jack screamed for help from any nearby strangers But no one was around except for the prostitute who was also there awakening from her unconsciousness. The rippers screams fill the night that befell the vast deserted cemetery. It was melody to the ears of the vampire as he continued burying him.
     As the vampire quickly patted the last of the dirt mounded on the ripper He threw the shovel aside and turned his attention to the prostitute.
     "Oh thank you, stranger, thank you so much for saving me!"  she said graciously

     "Oh ma cher"  he said delicately stroking her face with his cold touch.
     "I'm afraid you have me mistaken. You see, I did save you from him, yes"  as he looked upon her with pity  "But I did this to have you for myself"  His fangs grew long and sharp his eyes big and dark.
       "Now be still my love , this will only hurt,.... a little." His bite crunched deep within her neck. As her screams filled the night....
All in all... This was a good night, for a vampire.

"Reborn from the underworld for all to see
This night, the shadows of limbo set me free
It is time to slay the slayers of today
they will wake in their coffins to slowly decay
All will know my coming is near
My punishment in death will be severe
Witness the new demon and father of lies
Born from the earth and not from the skies
when I send you to hell,
Burning in the fiery flame,
Tell them it was from a vampire,
There now, they know my name."

Post script; Notes
After the brutal murder of Mary Jane Kelly, the murders have stopped. And the so called night prowler Jack The Ripper
disappeared, never to be caught by authorities. No clues nor identity. He just vanished into thin air.
This is strictly fictional I know, but what I wanted the reader to feel is wouldn't it be interesting that the reason jack the ripper vanished all of a sudden is because he crossed paths with a vampire.

A vampire who put him to his final grave.

That's my fictional take on how the vampire ended Jack's killing spree.

Sorry for some lines being out of whack, I am still working on that!

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Re: The Ripper Meets The Vampire (story)

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Re: The Ripper Meets The Vampire (story)

Post by Louis on Fri Jan 30, 2015 2:05 pm

Bravo, Lestat.
This piece maybe "fictional" as you say, but it has passion. Bravo!


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Re: The Ripper Meets The Vampire (story)

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