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Just a thought?

Post by Lestat on Tue Feb 10, 2015 6:10 pm

The following is a conversation between Claire, Victor and I, at about two in the morning:
(We're sitting on my leather couch in the living room, talking and listening to music, relaxing. Claire is sipping a glass of red wine, me and Victor are not sipping anything... not just yet, anyway ha ha.)

Me: So... a rather odd thought skipped its way across my mind, a few minutes ago.
Claire: Uh oh. (to Victor) Be afraid. Be very afraid.
(I grin and shake my head.)
Me: No, a picture in a magazine triggered it. (I gestured to the mag on the coffee table which I'd just finished flipping through.)
Victor: (looking curious) Oh?
Me: Should I get my tongue pierced?
(They both raise an eyebrow.)
Claire: Can vampires get piercings? I mean...wouldn't he hole just close right back up, again?
Me: I'm not sure. I guess I could find out.
Victor: Do you think any vampire has ever tried to get a piercing, before?
Me: Who cares? I'd be happy to be the first.
Victor: Heh, good luck with that...
Claire: What if it closes up and you can't ever get the ring out?
Me: That wouldn't happen.
Victor: How do you know?
Me: Of course I'd be able to get the ring out. I'd just yank it out, if I had to.
(They both wince and I smile.)
Claire: And tear that beautiful tongue of yours?
(We all laugh as I flick my tongue.)

So, I'm wondering about this. Could a vampire get a piercing? I know that if I were to cut myself with, say, a knife that in a few seconds or so (depending on the depth of the cut) the wound would be completely healed. But if I had a hole punched in me and something put inside it to keep it open...hmm...
(all you prissy people are like "ewwwww!!!" What am I saying, I don't think any such people read my journal, and if they do, what's the difference? I'm babbling...)

I think I'm going to find out. I think it would be interesting to have a pierced tongue/lip/ear. And the chicks really dig that kind of thing, you know?

And another thing I learned about Claire is that she plays the cello. I suggested that they play together, so she and Victor went over to her place, last night at around 3:30, still making jokes about the whole tongue-piercing issue as they walked out the door. I would ask her to bring her cello over but its such a big clunky thing... I wouldn't want her to damage it.

Maybe I could fly it over, sometime and then I could play the piano. Wouldn't that be pretty? We could start a band!
Oh no, Lestat, not again...
Far cry from the last one, wouldn't you say?


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