A little update;

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A little update;

Post by Ali Harper on Tue Aug 23, 2016 1:47 am

Hey all. I'm still here (kind of).
I talk to M on Facebook quite a lot (bless her heart) but I keep spacing on this page.
I spent pretty much 2 months of my summer on the eastern side of Montana (Glendive) and it is a complete dust bowl over there. The second I got back to the mountains and trees, I about did a cartwheel in my dad's truck. Unfortunately, I'm not that flexible or graceful so it didn't actually happen. Razz

ANYWAY. I'm back in school now. My second year starts officially next Monday.
I'm taking Introductory French (I don't care if Spanish is practical. I WANT FRENCH.), Use & Abuse of Drugs, Contemporary Mathematics, and Intro to Literary Studies.
This morning I ended up buying all my books and I spent like... 350 fecking dollars. My French book alone cost 190.
My Intro to Lit class requires not one, not two, but FIVE BOOKS.

On an unrelated note, I've been playing a shitload of Skyrim. I got some really awesome mods on there. There's this one called "interesting NPCs" and there's a character named Rumarin who is just a bucket of sunshine. I love my little banana elf.

Anyway... That is all Cool
Ali Harper

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Re: A little update;

Post by Yume on Sat Aug 27, 2016 11:12 pm

Hi Ali!^^ glad for you that you chose the subject that you like and even if it costs so much (it's really way too expensive for books - if you'll come here to France you'll be able to buy a lot of them for ridiculous price... Of course it depends on book, genre and the level of text complexity etc., but anyway... >.< )
I'm too busy all these months - my PhD studies approach to the end so I'm writing my thesis now (and it's the worst shit in the world to correct it with my co-director because she's really crazy and obsessed to correct EACH word and each phrase...((( I'm already fed up with this and completely done... Of course I'm writing my thesis in French (I didn't want to go it as I prefer to write in English - but my co-director forced me to write in French as she hates to read and correct in English...>.< Even if the both of them aren't my mother toungs but to write in English is easier for me as all literature that I read for my studies or for pleasure is in English, not in French... I adore French and prefer to speak French (it's way much better than my English) but I'm simply not used to write in French (there're too many nuances as articles, prepositions, complect direct/indirect objects etc. which aren't my strongest points, so... It's really not easy to write scientific text about to 150-180 pages...((
Hope you'll master French well enough to come here to France and may be we'll be able to meet^^

And I'd like to post some videos from Facebook's page "Lestat's book coven" where the new tv series started here in France in Canal+ and it's possible to capture in the Internet. The series call "Versailles" and tell about Louis XIV and his brother Philippe d'Orleans (who is assumed to be gay or at least bi- and had very vivid relations with MonChevy (chevalier de Lorraine - my region where I'm living now)))))

As people very well commented there - this could be relations between L&L (if Anne Rice didn't make them so frustrated and detached one from another...)

And another video - veeeeeeery funny advertisement made of the fragments of these series))


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Re: A little update;

Post by MissBijou on Tue Aug 30, 2016 5:59 am

Yeah, school books are always a bummer. They raise the prices just because they KNOW you have to buy them. >.>

And yes, please study what you wish to study. I wish I had been braver and taken many varied courses when younger. I feel I should have taken more risks. French is a fun language, so is German... take all the language courses. XD

Haha, you always have the silliest things to show me Skyrim related. I wish I had more spare time to play it. Perhaps over the weekend.

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Re: A little update;

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