Vampire Ball

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Vampire Ball

Post by Lestat on Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:23 am

Welcome to the vampire ball
The gates are open wide
The candles in the windows gleam
To welcome you inside.

The castle has been well prepared
For this, it`s a special night
The darkness has a spectral glow
It gives a ghastly light.

The guests, you see, don't need bright lights
They function best in gloom
So candlelight is all they need
In each and every room.

The waiters glide with drinks on trays
The wine is mostly red
The goblets hold the "special" wines
Drunk by the dry Undead.

In the dining room nearby
A meal is laid out fresh
Dishes piled with meat on bone
And many types of flesh.

The band is playing; lively tunes
They make you want to dance
The tempo such that half the room
Is whirling in a trance.

The guests are wearing evening dress
They look so smart and haughty
The ladies necklines are so low
They look a little naughty.

The gowns are silk, velvet and lace
Their hair piled high and shining
The men wear cloaks of deepest black
With coloured satin linings.

They spin and twirl throughout the night
As if they were alive
As dawn approaches, daylight grows
And carriages arrive.

They leave as silent as they came
Their appetites now sated
No trace remains, no sign of life
They have disapparated.


[EVERY NOW AND THEN, I demand to be treated like the supernatural hero that I am.]

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