Some good/weird things this week:

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Some good/weird things this week:

Post by Ali Harper on Fri May 04, 2018 8:28 pm

So I've been without work for a year now but a couple days ago I got myself a new job. Before, I'd kind of just been hanging around my apartment playing intensive sessions of LOTRO. Anyway, here's some good shit that happened to me this week:

1. My new job (obviously) -- I'll be working at a pizza place. It's only part time and it pays minimum wage (plus tips), but it's a block away from where I live right now so transportation isn't an issue. Plus the people there are super nice so I'm looking forward to this new gig. I've been wanting a job ever since I stopped working at the hospital last year but this town is kind of hard to get a job in. So I'm very happy about this. -- I forgot to post this before I left but I'm back now from training and I think I'm gonna get the hang of it pretty quick. It's a pretty laidback job and my coworkers are all super nice. Best part? 20% employee discount (aw yiss)

2. My character in LOTRO reached the cap level a couple days ago and one of my kinship members set me the hELL UP with some nice armor and jewelry that will keep me from getting completely obliterated in Mordor. So there's that. I've yet to put that armor to the test, but I will do that when I return home from training today! And my Runekeeper is close to reaching level 30 so I know now she's going to be one I play for the long-run. Usually when I start a new toon out of curiosity, they get to level 15 or so before I'm like "meh" and convert them to a 'storage' character. But I'm enjoying the RK class, so this toon is going to definitely be levelled all the way up!

3. I was grocery shopping yesterday and before I left I noticed I had some new mail. I opened one of which had 2 (very fresh-looking) dollars enclosed, so yay for randomly inherited money? (It was from some TV company doing a survey in my neighborhood). I saved 2 dollars of my own pocket money on bus fare. Very Happy
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