Can dreams come true?

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Can dreams come true?

Post by Jesse on Fri May 11, 2018 1:45 am

Last night as I lay sleeping
I did some crazy dreaming
I dreamed I was a vampire
Chasing down my human prey.
I floated through the night sky
Without wings I could still fly
As long as I was hidden
By the dawning of the day.

My vampire friends were there, too
And buddy, let me tell you
Lestat’s an evil brat prince
Who must always have his way.
Louis is tender-hearted
Can’t finish what he started
He drinks the blood of rodents
And hopes he will fade away.

Armand’s a little crazy
And though some think he’s lazy
He suffers from confusion
And at times has lost his way.
Sweet Claudia was cheeky
And sometimes so sneaky
Three hundred years it took her
To grow weary of her play.

We’re strolling through the Quarter
Our patience getting shorter
We find a likely couple
And invite them for a drink.
We know it’s rather risky
But mortals love their whisky
By the time they see our fangs
They are much too drunk to think.

The vampire life’s exciting
We really like the biting
Unlike those silly Cullen’s
We don’t sparkle in the sun.
You won’t find us in high schools
We like to make our own rules
And ripping Twitard’s throats out
Is a thing we do for fun.

When I was only human
I found myself assumin’
When someone was mean to me
There was not much I could say.
Now those who criticized me
Mistreated and maligned me
We’ll hunt down some dark evening
And there will be Hell to pay.

Shortly before the sunrise
We reach out to our close ties
Commune with other vampires
Wheresoever they may be.
To our lair we’ll go creeping
We’ll spend the whole day sleeping
In sweet anticipation
For when night falls we’ll be free.

Then my alarm clock wakes me
That sound comes to shake me
I begin to realize
It was only a sweet dream.
As I look in the mirror
I can’t suppress a shiver
For I cast no reflection ----
I’m so happy I could scream.

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