Untitled, in 3 parts.

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Untitled, in 3 parts.

Post by Lestat on Mon May 12, 2014 8:25 pm

Depression isn't so bad,
except when you've taken all that you've had.
You dint want to get mad but you do,
just think one swift cut and its through.
You could go for every part,
hey here's a hint go for the heart.
But before I preform this final cut,
I'm going to close my eyes tight shut.
Then Gods call to me "DON'T GO TO HELL"
Well guess what ...might as well.


One swift cut could end all this pain,
Because you the **** who's to blame.
These crimson tears falling form lonely eyes,
Deep down inside, My lonely heart dies.


Beauty is not seen by the beautiful,
Because beauty in itself is hiding,
Because in everything that is very dull,
Beauty is uprising.

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