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Post by Lestat on Mon May 12, 2014 9:25 pm

Kissing sun, Singing lies,
Watch the sparrow as it dies,
Ways of insignificant generosity,
Kill me now and let it be.

Coming now is the sun,
Murderous life, now I shun,
Eyes filling with loving crimson tears,
Closing the eyes of death and fear.

Looking behind a shrouded mask,
Forgetting the questions and the matters at task,
My sweet lover dressed in a solute of black,
His mothers head I shoved in a sack.

I'm at peace with death, his world defend,
"Lend me your scythe my ungodly friend,
I'm not going to take over the world,
Drinking blood from those who are royal-ed.

© Lestat de lioncourt. All rights reserved

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