One crow, from Peter Pan

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One crow, from Peter Pan

Post by Lestat on Mon May 12, 2014 9:49 pm

Gone away form Neverland,
Striking up this pirate band.

Sitting stuffed, The Ticking Crock,
Shh.... listen for the clock.

"Get me my hook"!,

Read aloud form That book.
His kids now mine until he flies,
For Captain Hook,this challenge he buys.

Oh sweet Peter, Crow with all the memories of the Lost boys,
And feed James Hook to the CROCK and make some noise!

Now think of Tink and tell her good-bye,

The Lost boys and Tink cry.

Now let me end the wonderful tail,

By saying to never let your imagination fail.

© Lestat de lioncourt. All rights reserved

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