Times Very End!!!

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Times Very End!!!

Post by Lestat on Mon May 12, 2014 10:26 pm

The end of time,
could be the best time for me.
i wouldn't have to worry about love,
i wouldn't need any friends,
the world would be the very same.

My Love has vanished
my Love faded away long ago
My Love mid life worth living
My Love was the only one that could ever show me true love
my Love bought light in to my life of ever lasting darkness.

As the darkness started to resided
the pain began to grow as My Love left me aside
then the darkness over whelmed my very soul
then i only saw My Love from the shadows.

My love is ever lasting
and it will never change.
The feeling in side me will never stray
i only hope My Love realized this
before My Love faded away.

Now centuries has past
and now the end is here,
my reign has come to a end.
I wish i will get to see My Love after this world is done.
So my heart can finally be at ease,
so i will feel no more heart ache or pain.

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