Some quotes from ancient Knowledge...

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Some quotes from ancient Knowledge...

Post by Yume on Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:15 pm

Some passages written by great Brahmin and philosophic/religious scientist Sri Aurobindo (he translated from Sanskrit the most part of Vedas including Bhagavad Gita with his comments, also wrote philosophic poem "Savitri" about divine wisdom).

""". In the transient symbol of humanity draped,
He feels his substance of undying self
And loses his kinship to mortality." ।।5.20।।

"A beam of the Eternal smites his heart,
His thought stretches into infinitude:
All in him turns to spirit vastnesses". ।।5.21।।

'His soul breaks out to join the Oversoul,
His life is oceaned by that superlife". ।।5.22।।

"He has drunk from the breasts of the Mother of the worlds;
A topless supernature fills his frame:" ... ...

"Then is revealed in man the overt Divine." ।।5.25।।

"A static Oneness and dynamic Power
Descend in him, the integral Godhead’s seals;
His soul and body take that splendid stamp". ।।5.26।।

A long dim preparation is man’s life, ।।5.27।।""
Sri Aurobindo

"I curbed the vacant ether into Space;
A huge expanding and contracting breath
Harboured the fires of the universe:
I struck out the supreme original spark
And spread its sparse ranked armies through the Inane,
Manufactured the stars from the occult radiances,
Marshalled the platoons of the invisible dance;
I formed earth’s beauty out of atom and gas,
And built from chemic plasm the living man. ||140.100||

Then Thought came in and spoilt the harmonious world:
Matter began to hope and think and feel,
Tissue and nerve bore joy and agony. ||140.101||

The inconscient cosmos strove to learn its task;
An ignorant personal god was born in Mind
And to understand invented reason’s law,
The impersonal Vast throbbed back to man’s desire,
A trouble rocked the great world’s blind still heart
And Nature lost her wide immortal calm. ||140.102||

Thus came this warped incomprehensible scene
Of souls enmeshed in life’s delight and pain
And Matter’s sleep and Mind’s mortality,
Of beings in Nature’s prison waiting death
And consciousness left in seeking ignorance. ||140.103||

This is the world in which thou movst, astray
In the tangled pathways of the human mind,
In the issueless circling of thy human life,
Searching for thy soul and thinking God is here. ||140.104||

But where is room for soul or place for God
In the brute immensity of a machine? ||140.105||

A transient Breath thou takest for thy soul,
Born from a gas, a plasm, a sperm, a gene,
A magnified image of man’s mind for God,
A shadow of thyself thrown upon Space. ||140.106||

Interposed between the upper and nether Void,
Thy consciousness reflects the world around
In the distorting mirror of Ignorance
Or upwards turns to catch imagined stars. ||140.107||

Or if a half Truth is playing with the earth
Throwing its light on a dark shadowy ground,
It touches only and leaves a luminous smudge. ||140.108||

Immortality thou claimest for thy spirit,
But immortality for imperfect man,
A god who hurts himself at every step,
Would be a cycle of eternal pain. ||140.109||

Wisdom and love thou claimest as thy right;
But knowledge in this world is error’s make,
A brilliant procuress of Nescience
And human love a posturer on earth-stage
Who imitates with verve a faery dance. ||140.110||

An extract pressed from hard experience,
Man’s knowledge casked in the barrels of Memory
Has the harsh savour of a mortal draught:
A sweet secretion from the erotic glands
Flattering and torturing the burning nerves,
Love is a honey and poison in the breast
Drunk by it as the nectar of the gods. ||140.111||

Earth’s human wisdom is no great-browed power,
And love no gleaming angel from the skies. ||140.112||

If they aspire beyond earth’s dullard air,
Arriving sunwards with frail waxen wings
How high could reach that forced unnatural flight? ||140.113||"
Sri Aurobindo

"A world unseen, unknown by outward mind
Appeared in the silent spaces of the soul.

He sat in secret chambers looking out
Into the luminous countries of the unborn
Where all things dreamed by the mind are seen and true
And all that the life longs for is drawn close. ,

He saw the Perfect in their starry homes

Wearing the glory of a deathless form,  
Lain in the arms of the Eternal's peace,
Rapt in the heart-beats of God-ecstasy."
Sri  Aurobindo

"All there was soul or made of sheer soul-stuff:
A sky of soul covered a deep soul-ground. ||76.1||

All here was known by a spiritual sense:
Thought was not there but a knowledge near and one
Seized on all things by a moved identity,
A sympathy of self with other selves,
The touch of consciousness on consciousness
And being’s look on being with inmost gaze
And heart laid bare to heart without walls of speech
And the unanimity of seeing minds
In myriad forms luminous with the one God. ||76.2||

Life was not there, but an impassioned force,
Finer than fineness, deeper than the deeps
Felt as a subtle and spiritual power,
A quivering out from soul to answering soul,
A mystic movement, a close influence,
A free and happy and intense approach
Of being to being with no screen or check,
Without which life and love could never have been. ||76.3||

Body was not there, for bodies were needed not,
The soul itself was its own deathless form
And met at once the touch of other souls
Close, blissful, concrete, wonderfully true. ||76.4||

As when one walks in sleep through luminous dreams
And, conscious, knows the truth their figures mean,
There where reality was its own dream,
He knew things by their soul and not their shape:
As those who have lived long made one in love
Need word nor sign for heart’s reply to heart,
He met and communed without bar of speech
With beings unveiled by a material frame. ||76.5||

There was a strange spiritual scenery,
A loveliness of lakes and streams and hills,
A flow, a fixity in a soul-space,
And plains and valleys, stretches of soul-joy,
And gardens that were flower-tracts of the spirit,
Its meditations of tinged reverie. ||76.6||

Air was the breath of a pure infinite. ||76.7||

A fragrance wandered in a coloured haze
As if the scent and hue of all sweet flowers
Had mingled to copy heaven’s atmosphere. ||76.8||

Appealing to the soul and not the eye
Beauty lived there at home in her own house,
There all was beautiful by its own right
And needed not the splendour of a robe. ||76.9||

All objects were like bodies of the Gods,
A spirit symbol environing a soul,
For world and self were one reality. ||76.10||"
Sri Aurobindo

This one looks so "vampiric":

""He journeys sleepless through an unending night;

"Antagonist forces crowd across his path;

"A siege, a combat is his inner life."
Sri Aurobindo

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Re: Some quotes from ancient Knowledge...

Post by Yume on Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:25 pm

""Indivisible Time into small minutes cut ,
The infinitesimal massed to keep secure
The mystery of the Formless cast into form .
Invincibly their craft devised for use
The magic of sequent number and sign's spell ,
Design's miraculous potency was caught
Laden with beauty and significance
And by the determining mandate of their gaze
Figure and quality equating joined
In an inextricable identity .
On each event they stamped its curves of law
And its trust and charge of burdened circumstance ;
A free and divine incident no more
At each moment willed or adventure of the soul ,
It lengthened a fate - bound mysterious chain ,
A line foreseen of an immutable plan ,
One step more in Necessity's long march .
A term was set for every eager Power
Restraining its will to monopolise the world ,
A groove of bronze prescribed for force and act
And shown to each moment its appointed place
Forewilled inalterably in the spiral
Huge Time - loop fugitive from eternity .
Inevitable their thoughts like links of Fate
Imposed on the leap and lightning race of mind
And on the frail fortuitous flux of life
And on the liberty of atomic things
Immutable cause and adamant consequence .
Idea gave up the plastic infinity
To which it was born and now traced out instead
Small separate steps of chain - work in a plot :
Immortal once , now tied to birth and end ,
Torn from its immediacy of errorless sight ,
Knowledge was rebuilt from cells of inference
Into a fixed body flasque and perishable ;
Thus bound it grew , but could not last and broke"
Sri Aurobindo


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Re: Some quotes from ancient Knowledge...

Post by Yume on Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:27 pm

"Then Death the last time answered Savitri:
“If Truth supreme transcends her shadow here
Severed by Knowledge and the climbing vasts,
What bridge can cross the gulf that she has left
Between her and the dream-world she has made? ||146.73||

Or who could hope to bring her down to men
And persuade to tread the harsh globe with wounded feet,
Leaving her unapproachable glory and bliss,
Wasting her splendour on pale earthly air? ||146.74||

Is thine that strength, O beauty of mortal limbs,
O soul who flutterest to escape my net? ||146.75||

Who then art thou hiding in human guise? ||146.76||

Thy voice carries the sound of infinity,
Knowledge is with thee, Truth speaks through thy words;
The light of things beyond shines in thy eyes. ||146.77||

But where is thy strength to conquer Time and Death? ||146.78||

Hast thou God’s force to build heaven’s values here? ||146.79||

For truth and knowledge are an idle gleam,
If Knowledge brings not power to change the world,
If Might comes not to give to Truth her right. ||146.80||

A blind Force, not Truth has made this ignorant world,
A blind Force, not Truth orders the lives of men:
By Power, not Light, the great Gods rule the world;
Power is the arm of God, the seal of Fate. ||146.81||

O human claimant to immortality,
Reveal thy power, lay bare thy spirit’s force,
Then will I give back to thee Satyavan. ||146.82||

Or if the Mighty Mother is with thee,
Show me her face that I may worship her;
Let deathless eyes look into the eyes of Death,
An imperishable Force touching brute things
Transform earth’s death into immortal life. ||146.83||

Then can thy dead return to thee and live,
The prostrate earth perhaps shall lift her gaze
And feel near her the secret body of God
And love and joy overtake fleeing Time. ||146.84||

And Savitri looked on Death and answered not. ||147.1||

Almost it seemed as if in his symbol shape
The world’s darkness had consented to Heaven-light
And God needed no more the Inconscient’s screen. ||147.2||

A mighty transformation came on her. ||147.3||

A halo of the indwelling Deity,
The Immortal’s lustre that had lit her face
And tented its radiance in her body’s house,
Overflowing made the air a luminous sea. ||147.4||

In a flaming moment of apocalypse
The Incarnation thrust aside its veil. ||147.5||

A little figure in infinity
Yet stood and seemed the Eternal’s very house,
As if the world’s centre was her very soul
And all wide space was but its outer robe. ||147.6||

A curve of the calm hauteur of far heaven
Descending into earth’s humility,
Her forehead’s span vaulted the Omniscient’s gaze,
Her eyes were two stars that watched the universe. ||147.7||"

Sri Aurobindo.


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Re: Some quotes from ancient Knowledge...

Post by Yume on Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:46 pm

उत्तिष्ठत जाग्रत
प्राप्य वरान्निबोधत ।
क्षुरस्य धारा निशिता दुरत्यया
दुर्गं पथस्तत्कवयो वदन्ति ॥ कठ उपनिषद्

Arise, awake, and learn by approaching the exalted ones,
for that path is sharp as a razor’s edge, impassable,
and hard to go by, say the wise.

~ Katha Upanishad : 1.3.14

"The language of the Veda itself is sruti, a rhythm not composed by the intellect but heard, a divine Word that same vibrating out of the Infinite to the inner audience of the man who had previously made himself fit fot the impersonal knowledge."
Sri Aurobindo

"I am not bound by thought or sense or shape;
I live in the glory of the Infinite,
I am near to the Nameless and Unknowable,
The Ineffable is now my household mate."
Sri Aurobindo

"And sciences omnipotent in vain
By which men learn of what the suns are made,
Transform all forms to serve their outward needs,
Ride through the sky and sail beneath the sea,
But learn not what they are or why they came;
These polities, architectures of man’s brain,
That, bricked with evil and good, wall in man’s spirit
And, fissured houses, palace at once and jail,
Rot while they reign and crumble before they crash;
These revolutions, demon or drunken god,
Convulsing the wounded body of mankind
Only to paint in new colours an old face;
These wars, carnage triumphant, ruin gone mad,
The work of centuries vanishing in an hour,
The blood of the vanquished and the victor’s crown
Which men to be born must pay for with their pain,
The hero’s face divine on satyr’s limbs,
The demon’s grandeur mixed with the demi-god’s,
The glory and the beasthood and the shame;
Why is it all, the labour and the din,
The transient joys, the timeless sea of tears,
The longing and the hoping and the cry,
The battle and the victory and the fall,
The aimless journey that can never pause,
The waking toil, the incoherent sleep?""
Sri Aurobindo


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Re: Some quotes from ancient Knowledge...

Post by Yume on Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:50 pm

In the Taittiriya Upanishad, the seeker Bhrigu undertakes a course of sadhana to realize the Eternal. He is asked by his father to “Seek thou to know that from which these creatures are born, whereby being born thy live and to which they go hence and enter again; for that is the Eternal.” After deep reflection, Bhrigu determined that Matter (food) was the answer. Further concentration brought him to the realization that it was the Life-Force energy (Prana). The next step brought him to Mind as the source. Continuing on, he came to recognize the plane of consciousness called Knowledge. Finally he reached the realization that it was Bliss (Ananda) which is the Eternal. We see here a sequential evolution of consciousness from the planes of Matter-Life-Mind to the intermediate consciousness of the Supermind, to the eventual recognition of Sat-Chit-Ananda as the source and basis of existence. (Sri Aurobindo, The Upanishads, Taittiriya Upanishad, Bhriguvalli, Chapters 1-6, pp. 275-278)


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Re: Some quotes from ancient Knowledge...

Post by Yume on Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:55 pm

His will he thinks his own , is shaped in her forge .
Obedient to World - Nature's dump control ,
Driven by his own formidable Power ,
His chosen partner in a titan game ,
Her will he has made the master of his fate ,
Her whim the dispenser of his pleasure and pain ;
He has sold himself into her regal power
For any blow or boon that she may choose :
Even in what is suffering to our sense ,
He feels the sweetness of her mastering touch ,
In all experience meets her blissful hands ;
On his heart he bears the happiness of her tread
And the surprise of her arrival's joy
In each event and every moment's chance .
All she can do is marvellous in his sight :
He revels in her , a swimmer in her sea ,
A tireless amateur of her world - delight ,
He rejoices in her every thought and act
And gives consent to all that she can wish ;
Whatever she desires he wills to be :
The Spirit , the innumerable One ,
He has left behind his lone eternity ,
He is an endless birth in endless Time ,
Her finite's multitude in an infinite Space .
The master of existence lurks in us
And plays at hide - and - seek with his own force ;
In Nature 's instrument loiters secret God .
The Immanent lives in man as in his house ;
He has made the universe his pastime's field ,
A vast gymnasium of his works of might .
All - knowing he accepts our darkened state ,
Divine ,wears shapes of animal or man ;
Eternal , he assents to Fate and Time ,
Immortal , dallies with mortality .
The All - Conscious ventured into Ignorance"
Sri Aurobindo


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Re: Some quotes from ancient Knowledge...

Post by Yume on Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:57 pm

Hangs round him no longer its translucent veil .
He has crossed the limit of mortal thought and hope ,
He has reached the world's end stares beyond ;
The eyes of mortal body plunge their gaze
Into Eyes that look upon eternity .
A greater world Time's traveller must explore .
At last he hears a chanting on the heights
And the far speaks and the unknown grows near :
He crosses the boundaries of the unseen
And passes over the edge of mortal sight
To a new vision of himself and things .
He is a spirit in an unfinished world
That knows him not and cannot know itself :
The surface symbol of his goalless quest
Takes deeper meanings to his inner view ;
His is a search of darkness for the light ,
Of mortal life for immortality .
In the vessel of an earthly embodiment
Over the narrow rails of limiting sense
He looks out on the magic waves of Time
Where mind like a moon illumines the world's dark .
There is limned ever retreating from the eyes ,
As if in a tenuous misty dream - light drawn ,
The outline of a dim mysterious shore .
A sailor on the Inconscient's fathomless sea ,
He voyages through a starry world of thought
On Matter's deck to a spiritual sun .
Across the noise and multitudinous cry ,
Across the rapt unknowable silences ,
Through a strange mid - world under supernal skies ,
Beyond earth's longitudes and latitudes ,
His goal is fixed outside all present maps .
But none learns whither through the unknown he sails
Or what secret mission the great Mother gave .
In the hidden strength of her omnipotent Will ,
Driven by her breath across life's tossing deep
Sri Aurobindo


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Re: Some quotes from ancient Knowledge...

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