Greetings from Montana!

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Greetings from Montana!

Post by Ali Harper on Thu Mar 29, 2018 3:39 pm

I see we've got some new people here (Hi Marius & Victor!), as well as some old friendly faces returning (Hi Lestat!), so I figured I'd re-introduce myself (this is like the third time now, not that I've been keeping count or anything ehehehe)

1. My name is Ali.
2. I'm a Montana native, born & raised, and probably never leaving - like, ever.
3. Chocolate and peanut butter ANYTHING is like my ultimate weakness.
4. I love tea (Currently have a collection of random teas that amounts to 40 different kinds, I'm not even kidding).
5. I'm 25 years old, almost 26. I have one younger brother that's turning 21 this year and I feel fecking OLD because of him.
6. I have two cats, a calico named Elisif and a tabby named Peculiar. They're both my "fur children" and I love them to bits. I've had Ellie since she was just a three month old kitten and she's absolutely spoiled (but so, so sweet. She'll eat out of your hand and she's GREAT with young children). I took in Peculiar to foster her temporarily but if anybody knows me - y'all know I have a serious weakness for kitties so I think I'm her "human" now. Plus she gets along with Ellie now so why not keep her?
7. My sense of humor tends to be a mix of 'deadpan and dry' and 'dad jokes'. I'm also obsessed with puns - the worse they are, the better. Double entendres are love, double entendres are life.
8. My favorite movie is Disorganized Crime. It's a crime comedy from the late 1980s and the movie itself was filmed in Hamilton, MT, which is a town that I'm VERY familiar with. Here's some trailers because honestly, you guys NEED this movie in your life.

Also, I just found out my dad nicked my DVD of the movie from my apartment and now he's in trouble bc I didn't even know he took it Mad
9. I played the clarinet when I was in middle school and wasn't actually half bad at it.
10. I'm kind of awesome at archery but I've not done it in a long time so my skills are probably totally out of whack right now (sobs)
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