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Post by Lestat on Mon May 12, 2014 8:19 pm


There is nothing more,

That can be said to heal all my wounds.

My lost heart has been submerged in acid,

All that's Left is stone.

Let it be head that love is not worth the time,

You get nothing from it but sorrow.

Wherever there is love there will be death and sorrow,

There will be whispering in the dark.

Love is what you make believe.

Nothings real any more to me,

All I have to say to you is that,

Now is the time to feel my wrath.

Prolonging this death for me is an energetic rhythm,

Something that keeps going.

Until it loses all its life,

Kiss the sweet lips of death.

Do not fear it but caress it.

© Lestat de lioncourt. All rights reserved.

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