I found a little time to think (dangerous, I know)

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I found a little time to think (dangerous, I know)

Post by Lestat on Fri Apr 13, 2018 5:36 pm

Life is spontaneous: It happens.
In the words of the Daoist "Tzu-jan" which means; "Of itself so." That`s the Chinese expression for nature. What happens by itself, what isn`t pushed, it just pops up... you see!

Like... I`ll never forget: There was a great Zen Master, I knew once, in New York. He was giving a lecture on evening and he was dressed in his gold, ceremonial robes and he was sitting in front of an alter, but he had a table in front of him, very formal, with candles on it and the Sutra scripture on a little desk. He was lecturing in the Sutra (Buddhist teachings) and he said; "Fundamental principle in Buddhism is no purpose, purposelessness, when you drop fart you don`t say -at nine o`clock , I drop fart, it happen of itself."

And all these pious western devotees kinda of put their handkerchiefs in their mouth`s and tried not to laugh... So, that`s the meaning of something that happens of itself. "Drop fart" or hiccups or... how you came into being, you know! It happens in kind of a plop way, like that, you see!

Now, you simply can`t tell that process you ought to happen, you must happen, because that puts a bind on it ~ in the same way as when you have a little child and all the relatives have come to party on thanksgiving, you put the child in the middle of all the relatives and say "Now Dear, Play!" See, that absolutely bugs the child to do it like that and so, this is a problem for every artist. Because an artist is a person who makes their living by playing, whether it`s dancing, painting, creating music or whatever it is and he has to overcome this problem. He has to know, how to play in public, at a given time, on an appointment and that`s not an easy thing to learn. But when you catch on to the trick of it, you could do it... To play on demand. That`s the hardest lesson of life , to contrive (what is called by my Japanese artist friend, Asagawa) "A controlled Accident."

The thing is that, we have been educated to use our minds in a certain way. A way that ignores or screens out the fact that everyone of us is an aperture though which the whole cosmos looks out.
You see: It`s as if you had a light covered with a black bowl and in the bowl were pinholes and each pinhole is an aperture where the light comes out. So, in that way, everyone of us a actually a pinhole. Through which the fundamental light ~ that is the... Existence itself. ~ Looks out!

Only the game we are playing, is not to know this.

To be only that little hole which we call me, my ego, my specific John Jones, or whatever.
If, (however, you see) we can maintain at the same time, the sense of being this specific John Jones with his role in life and also know, underneath this, that we are the whole works. You get a very marvelous and agreeable arrangement, this is a most remarkable harmoniousness, it gives one`s life a great sense of joy and exuberance, if you can carry on these two things at once.
If you, in other words, You know that all the serious predicaments in life are a game.

Now, I want to put it two ways: I`m not saying it`s a bad thing, something to be condemned, to take your own individual life seriously in dead earnest and t have all the problems that go with that. Do you understand, that being that way, being a mixed up human being is a manifestation of nature that is something just like the patterns of the waves out here or like a sea shell.

You know, we pick up shells. I always keep on around ~ as a sort of example for many things and say "My goodness, isn`t that gorgeous!" There`s not an aesthetic fault in it anywhere. It`s absolutely perfect.
Now, I wonder. I wonder if these fish look at each other`s shells and say "don`t you think she`s kinda fat?!" - "Oh my, those markings aren`t really very well spaced," `Cause that what we do...
See; we don`t realize that all of us (in our various goings on and behaviors and so on) are Just as much or even more marvelous, much more complicated, much more interesting. All these gorgeous faces I look at, everyone of them, some are supposedly pretty so are not supposedly not so pretty. But they`re all absolutely gorgeous. And Everyone`s eyes are pieces of jewelry beyond compare.


Try to see the beauty in everyone!


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Re: I found a little time to think (dangerous, I know)

Post by Yume on Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:50 pm

Interesting thought, Lestat Smile yes, Buddhists used to call life like “purposeless” and God for them is an Eternal Shining Emptyness (that in no way could decrease Its significance)... It’s just their manner of vision the greatness of Universe...) I’m agree with them and also can quote you one famous writer (sorry, completely forgot his name - all of us know him very well I swear))): “Do not take life itself too seriously”... It IS serious and great but it is great by itself, by its nature... No point to complicate it by inventing some “special” meanings and searching sometimes “extraordinary» things - all creatures and creations themselves are extraordinary, we simply just don’t “see” it of don’t want to pay attention... In Hindu they also tell that human beings tented to exaggerate their own significance and often forget that all of us (like animals, plants, minerals etc.) are literally grains of sand in the whole canvas of Universe, and each/every “grain” has no less significance than others... And each and every one of them has its own “mission”, “purpose” and importance Smile


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